Re-Elect Judy Keliher for Lakeville Area School Board, Nov 3


“From a community and business perspective and as a parent, nothing to me is more important than having a solid educational foundation for our students and the community. That’s why I invest and dedicate my time.”

My Priorities: 

Quality and Equitable Education for ALL Students

Parent and Community Engagement


Quality and Equitable Education for ALL Students

Our students consistently rank above state and national averages. I will continue to prioritize funding to  provide expanded opportunities and high quality educational programs to meet the needs of our students; address student-teacher ratios; create a positive climate in our schools where all students feel comfortable, safe, and ready to learn and teachers feel safe and secure and able to focus on teaching; and support and provide our students with the skills, character traits and knowledge needed for success after graduation. We need a system that supports a high-quality, equitable learning environment that addresses the individual needs of every student as we prepare them for our global economy while managing the challenges our educational system is facing with today’s pandemic.

During my past term I supported lowering class size at the elementary and secondary schools; middle school teaming; K-12 expansion of Science / Technology / Engineering / Math (STEM) programming; increased student learning opportunities and STEM programs aligned to the trades, industrial technology, engineering, biomedical, computer programming, and business pathways; safety and security enhancements; adding mental health support resources in all our schools, and providing equitable access to digital devices. 

Parents continue to seek options to best serve the educational needs of their child. My focus goes beyond test scores. We need to develop creative ways to enhance our programs across our entire PreK-12 system. Innovation will keep the district viable and meaningful for our children and their success after graduation whether they enter two- and four-year colleges, technical colleges, apprenticeship programs, the workforce or join the services.  I am committed to partnering with businesses, the trades and higher education to open up educational opportunities for students that provide real-life experiences and develop workforce solutions. My commitment in supporting programs such as AVID, Ignite!, Discover, Impact Academy, Advanced Business Academy, STEM Academy, STEM Biomedical, STEM Engineering, and LinK12 Online provide educational options for families that maximize student success.

Student learning is maximized when our teachers and staff play key roles in the decision making of the organization.  Efforts are needed to develop practices to retain the most qualified employees who support student achievement, employee engagement and job satisfaction. I am an advocate for co-curricular activities (such as speech, DECA, faith groups, sports, fine arts) in our schools.  Co-curricular activities help develop well rounded students beyond the classroom.  In addition, these activities keep our students participating in safe, healthy endeavors. 

Parent and Community Engagement

Education is a collaborative effort among the student, family, school and community. It is important to me to continue to seek student, parent and community participation in making significant district decisions through surveys, becoming members on advisory councils and participation in community and district forums. ALL voices need to provide input so solutions and educational outcomes reflect our community. I will continue to support finding solutions to enrich the programming and learning experience for all our students. I will continue to focus on a sustained and broad-based effort to improve our systems—curriculum, processes, operations and behaviors--where everyone is welcomed to participate fully because than we all benefit. Every voice matters.

My extensive active community involvement and volunteering throughout the 34 years I have lived in the community plays an important role in my staying connected to students, parents, businesses, trades, community leaders, and teachers across the Lakeville Area School District.  I mentor students; visit schools and programs throughout the district; volunteer to work on and attend community fundraising events for the Lakeville Public Safety Foundation, 360 Community and Lakeville Area Chamber; Stray Cats member supporting student scholarships for co-curricular participation; helped build Land of Amazement and Land of Amazement 2.0; planted pollinator gardens; helped establish Ready, Set, Achieve!; sponsored a room at the Heritage Center through their fundraising efforts; Cub Scout den leader; Lakeville Baseball Association assistant coach; Lakeville Education Foundation member; Lakeville Rotary member raising dollars to fund scholarships and leadership programs for students; worked with parent group to establish lacrosse as an official district sport; support all fine arts and sports co-curricular programs; initiated partnerships with Elko New Market and Lakeville community leaders; attend PTO, parent and district led community forums; established joint meetings with state legislators representing our district; advocate at the state level for legislative changes which positively impact our district. 

As a Legislative Delegate for the Minnesota School Board Association representing our district, efforts to change state laws have positively impacted our district.  I actively pursue my business and personal relationships to build partnerships supporting our students and our programs.  I understand the current and future workforce needs of our economy. I have a network of resources and relationships across industries that benefit our district with building partnerships and I am honored and committed to assisting our students and graduates with internships and apprenticeships connected through mentoring programs and networking.  

I have served as Chair, Clerk and Treasurer of the Board of Education and I currently serve as Vice Chair.  I serve or have served on several boards and committees such as Lakeville Arenas Board, Lakeville Arenas Operation Committee, Gifted Advisory Council, Special Education Advisory Committee, Educational Equity & Excellence Advisory Council, Board Audit Committee, Financial Advisory Committee, Legislative Committee, Long Term Facilities Planning Committee, Technology Advisory Committee, Policy Advisory Committee, Multiple Advisory Collaborative Advisory Council, MNCAPS Advisory Council and Lakeville Rotary Board.


Excellence requires ongoing evaluation and accountability. I value the discussions that take place at the board table and throughout our community.  I feel it is important to hold others and myself accountable for our words and our actions.  Board members, district and building administrators, staff and community members are obligated to explain, justify and take responsibility for one’s actions.  When you make people accountable for their actions, you're effectively teaching them to value their work. Holding others and myself accountable (personally and fiscally) to our words and our actions is critical for our system to be sustainable and successful. 

As a past small business owner and currently as a Regional Sales Director for a major national corporation, my business experience is beneficial in my role on the Board of Education.  Balancing and reducing budgets, creating efficiencies, improving processes, negotiating, being visionary and innovative, managing workload concerns, and improving communications are just some of the skills needed to continuously improve the Lakeville Area School’s high academic achievement while being fiscally responsible and sustainable.  Our community expects me to utilize my skills to achieve positive results for our district and I expect the community to hold me accountable to these expectations.

I support the Board of Education’s effort to continue to address long-term facility needs and maintenance, expansion of quality programming, providing safe and secure buildings, supporting a high-quality workforce and minimizing the overall tax impact to our community and businesses.  Improving and expanding curriculum and programs as well as our facilities draws families to move here and entices visitors to our community generating activity for our businesses and bolstering our local economy.  I am committed to being accountable to all aspects of our school community and stakeholders.

Based on Gallup’s StrengthsFinder 2.0 my top five strengths are Adaptability, Achiever, Maximizer, Arranger and Strategic.  These strengths are the key to my success both at work and in my time dedicated to serving our community. 


"Quality and Equitable Education for ALL Students "


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